5 Questions

I’ve primed five tailored questions to reveal a morsel of the sustenance of our creative expeditions in 2024. Your responses will be shared here, creating a time capsule of our collective wisdom. I’m obsessed with the number 5 and even more so with people’s processes, and I plan to do five questions each year for five years.

I look forward to sharing your insights!


  • 1 to 2 degrees of separation from me (we know of each other or have a familiar acquaintance)
  • Complete the web form below.
  • No rules, btw on how you answer the questions. Ex: short, long, cryptic haikus, etc. So long as I can copy/paste the text
  • Deadline: November ’24

5 Questions 2024


Can you discuss your relationship with your process and materials/ tools?


What would you like viewers to know about you or your work?


Are there particular routines, rituals, or conditions that you are nurturing in your practice?


How has your process changed over time?


What has influenced you lately (other artists, landscapes, music, etc.)?

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