The Station 5 micro-gallery (250 sq ft) on Lena St. is a platform for exhibitions and nuanced expressions that cultivates a refined connection between artists and viewers. This thoughtfully simple space embodies the essence of a small gallery while deviating from the grind of the commonplace.

Your host and guide, Elisa Keir, invites you to join her in shaping this space as she facilitates the people and ideas that present themselves. Artists are given personal attention, logistical support, and a Station5 certificate upon culmination of a showing.

A focus on the process and the product promotes a deeper understanding of what it means to create and generate. For participants this offers a bevy of both practical and esoteric benefits such as portfolio building, access to a crafted audience, and support during the process. Meanwhile, visitors will have a uniquely intimate viewing experience and direct access to the artists behind drafts, spirited experimentations, and finished work.

Station5 Micro-Gallery

1600 Lena Street #C20
Santa Fe, NM 87505


Pop-Up Calendar 2024

JUN 1-2


JUL 6-7




Upcoming Exhibition

POP-UP JUNE 1 ’24 12-5 PM 

Pushing clipped images of animals into a dadaist environment, (ALF) is an ongoing collage series on wood panel, it’s up to about 1200 works in the series.

All paintings are made from 100% recycled materials.

Artist Statement

( ALF ) is an ongoing collage series on wood panel, it’s up to about 1200 works in the series.

Pushing clipped images of animals into a dadaist environment. Random colors, words and animals mix freely (Liberation) in a world turned upside down. Word meanings juxtaposed with the animal image create possibilities in reflection about the artworks. The series attempts to honor all wild and domesticated animals. I have strong feelings about all animals beyond humans, I believe they are far more important and sacred to our earth then the ongoing self-destructive human race.

Process involves, a gathering of thrift store buys of kid’s animal books, scrapped wood paneling, glue and junkyard acrylic paints. Its classic assemblage methods of glueing image and colors into mysterious narrative messages. With all materials in front of me, the process is automatic, mixing and matching to create images I like. I usually make a batch of collage paintings every couple of years, averaging about 60 to 80 paintings per session. These collage series I consider my street art, dirt cheap and available to the masses, operating outside of the pretentious gallery system.

Tim Jag: Animal Liberation Front Series Postcard with white llama and black cat

Information for Pop-ups

  • The space serves as an outpost for artists to stage finished work, drafts, presentations, or spirited experimentations.
  • Through heartfelt brainstorming, a sense of humor, logistical support, and collaboration, we can create your version of an exhibition together.
  • Artists in a transitional phase can use the space to view their work or drafts outside of their studio. They can opt out of an exhibit that’s open to the public or hand-pick their viewers.
  • Station5(aka Elisa) will provide 5 X 7″ color promotional postcards and an announcement on the website. I’ll promote viewings but won’t sell or try to create an audience. Viewers will emerge from my tiny inner circle and the artists’ circle.
  • Openings can be on the first Saturday of each month, with a half day on Sunday.
  • Insurance, archival documentation, and storage options are provided.
  • A contract will stipulate general expectations and protect the artist.
  • 100% of proceeds will be retained and managed by the artist. Should there be a need for Station5 to handle the administrative details for financial transactions, there will be a 20% service charge.
  • The artist and Elisa will install and take down a show and run the opening together.